Sunday, May 8, 2011

Roger Hargreaves

The 76th birthday of Roger Hargreaves has been celebrated by the unveiling of no less than 16 Google doodles. Ranging from Mr Forgetful to Little Miss Tiny, the doodle image changes each time the page is reloaded.

Roger Hargreaves Roger Hargreaves

Charles Roger Hargreaves was an English author and illustrator of children's books, notably the Mr. Men and Little Miss series, intended for very young readers. He is Britain's third best-selling author and have been part of popular culture for over 25 years, with sales over 100 million worldwide in 20 languages. Hargreaves's stories have been adapted into four animated television series. A total of 46 Mr Men and 33 Little Miss characters were created.

Hargreaves was born in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, England,
9 May 1935. In 1971, while he was working as the creative director at a London firm, he wrote the first Mr. Men book, Mr. Tickle. In 1975 it spawned a BBC animated television series called Mr. Men Show, Mr Tickle being voiced by Arthur Lowe.

By 1976, Hargreaves had quit his day job. In 1981, the Little Miss series of books began to appear. It, too, was made into a television series in 1983, which was narrated by John Alderton, who, with Pauline Collins, voiced the Men and Misses, respectively. Although Hargreaves wrote many other children's stories, including the Timbuctoo series of twenty-five books, John Mouse, and the Roundy and Squary books, he is best known for his 46 Mr. Men books and 33 Little Miss books.

In 11 September 1988 Hargreaves died at the Kent and Sussex Hospital, Royal Tunbridge Wells, following a stroke. After his death his son Adam continued writing and drawing the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters with new stories. However, in April 2004, his wife Christine sold the rights to the Mr. Men characters to the UK entertainment group Chorion, for £28 million.

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